Change of Ownership at Lilac City Acupuncture


Hello Patients –

I am so excited to meet you all!

We are completing the business transfer this week, and Lilac City Acupuncture will be open for business under new ownership next week. 🙂

You can make your appointment online using Schedulicity (click here), or you can give the office a call at (509) 795-1916.

Our GRAND REOPENING is Monday, March 18th. Celeste will be giving acupuncture treatments on Monday and Wednesday. I will be giving treatments on Tuesday and Thursday.

We wish Shauna well in her family’s new adventure. We hope to keep you all feeling happy and well as we continue to honor her dream and bring you all affordable acupuncture.

Be Well –
Emily Laning, L.Ac, EAMP


Dear Patients,

It is with mixed emotions that I am announcing my departure from Lilac City Acupuncture, effective February 21st. This will be the last day that I am seeing patients.

On a whim, my husband applied to his dream job at a company over in the Seattle area. We love our life here and didn’t want to leave it, but he’d have regretted not putting his hat in the ring for this position. Among hundreds of applicants, he managed to get through two rounds of phone interviews and then a full day of in-person interviews, and last week he was offered the job. His training is set to begin in March.

I am thrilled at this opportunity for my husband and our family, and I’m stunned by the quickness with which the change will occur. I will miss this community dearly, and I am so grateful to each of you for trusting me with your acupuncture care.

The GOOD News!

Lilac City Acupuncture will live on!

A dear friend of mine, Emily Laning, EAMP (pictured below), will be taking over as Owner and Acupuncturist and will continue the mission of providing Spokane and its surrounding communities with affordable acupuncture treatments. She comes to you with many years of experience in providing quality acupuncture care.

Her intended re-opening timeline will be the second week of March. Further details will be announced at a later date via email,, and Facebook. Please keep an eye out for more information.

It has been a great pleasure providing Spokane with affordable acupuncture over the last few years. I will miss each of you, and I wish you all the best.

Be well,
Shauna Douglass-Parkin, EAMP
February 16, 2019

Emily Laning, EAMP